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Super Fidelity DNA Polymerase

Super Fidelity DNA Polymerase is a special next generation polymerase for robust PCR with higher fidelity.


100 U 500 U 1000 U

$ 215


Super Fidelity DNA polymerase has a unique extension factor, specificity-promoting factor, and plateau phase anti-inhibitor factor. These features greatly improve its long-fragment amplification ability, specificity, and PCR yield, compared to conventional polymerases like Taq DNA polymerase. Super Fidelity DNA polymerase is suitable for PCR amplification using genomic DNA, cDNA, Plasmid DNA and crude samples as templates. It can efficiently amplify up to 40 kb simple templates (e.g. λDNA, plasmids), 20 kb complex templates (e.g. genomic DNA) and 10 kb cDNA. Its amplification error rate is 128-fold lower than that of conventional Taq DNA Polymerase. Additionally, Super Fidelity DNA polymerase has a good resistance to PCR inhibitors and can be used for direct PCR amplification of bacteria, fungi, plant tissues, animal tissues, and even whole blood samples.

The 2X Super Fidelity DNA Polymerase Buffer contains two types of monoclonal antibodies, inhibiting the 5'→3' polymerase activity and 3'→5' exonuclease activity at room temperature, which enable it to perform hot start PCR with great specificity. Amplification will generate blunt-ended products.

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