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Taq Pro Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix

This product is a special premix for qPCR using the SYBR Green I chimeric fluorescence method. This product contains 2X master mix to which primers and template can be added.


500 Reactions

$ 500


The core component of Taq Pro Universal SYBR qPCR Master Mix, Taq Pro DNA Polymerase, has many advantages such as strong specificity, high detection sensitivity and high amplification yield compared to previous generations of polymerases. In combination with qPCR optimized buffer and specific enhancer, it is very suitable for qPCR reactions with high specificity and sensitivity. This kit contains Specific ROX Reference Dye, which is suitable for all qPCR instruments without adjusting the concentration of ROX on different instruments.


This master mix contains dNTP, Mg2+, Taq Pro DNA Polymerase, SYBR Green I, Specific ROX Reference Dye, in a proprietary formulation.

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