Company Overview

Our Story

SignalChem Diagnostics was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of SignalChem Lifesciences, a biotech company based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The founding of SignalChem Diagnostics was driven by the increasing demand for accurate and reliable raw materials for diagnostic tools. SignalChem Lifesciences was already well-established in the biotech industry, having been founded in 2004. The company specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality antibodies and functional proteins for research purposes, as well as providing contract research services to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Where We Are Today

In 2018, SignalChem Lifesciences decided to expand its operations by establishing SignalChem Diagnostics as a separate entity. The new company would focus exclusively on the development and production of raw materials (proteins, enzymes, compounds) for diagnostic tests for cancer and other diseases, using proprietary technologies developed by SignalChem Lifesciences.

SignalChem Diagnostics began its operations by building on the expertise of its parent company in the areas of protein expression, purification, and characterization. The company developed a range of diagnostic tools based on these technologies, including ELISA assays, lateral flow assays and CRISPR-based nucleic acid target detection. Since its founding, SignalChem Diagnostics has continued to expand its product portfolio, offering a range of products: from Covid-19 related products to CRISPR Cas Enzymes involved in novel CRISPR-based molecular diagnostic tests for human, animal and plant applications. The company has also established partnerships with leading academic and research institutions to further develop its technology platform and bring new diagnostic tests to market.

The goal of the company is to be recognized as a valued partner for leading biotech and pharma institutions, developing innovative diagnostic tools in order to play a key role in the fight against cancer and other diseases. The company has since grown rapidly, expanding its product portfolio from just raw materials to IVD Test and detection methods.

Our Culture

Embracing the Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

As a Canadian company, SignalChem Diagnostics champions diversity by employing individuals from various cultural backgrounds, enriching its workforce and driving innovation. This commitment fosters better understanding, cooperation, and a dynamic work environment, contributing to the company's success.

SignalChem Diagnostics is also dedicated to promoting gender equality. With over 50% of employees being women, the company ensures balanced representation, challenging stereotypes, and tapping into a wider talent pool for a more dynamic work environment. By cultivating a culture that values diversity and inclusion, SignalChem Diagnostics has created an innovative, dynamic work environment fostering collaboration, creativity, and growth. This commitment serves as a model for other organizations seeking to create more inclusive and successful workplaces.


To be the premier provider of innovative and reliable IVD solutions that advance biotechnology.


Our mission is to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency through IVD solutions while pushing the boundaries of technology through ongoing research and development.

Core Values