Clinical Chemistry

SignalChem Diagnostics offers a diverse range of enzymes specifically designed for clinical chemistry applications, ensuring optimal performance in diagnostic tests and assays. Our high-quality enzyme selection has been rigorously tested for accuracy, sensitivity, and consistency, enabling precise quantification and detection of analytes in various clinical chemistry tests.

Name Catalog # Enzyme No. Grade Activity
Cholesterol Oxidase CX01D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 12U/mg-solid or more
D-Lactate dehydrogenase LD01D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 150U/mg-solid or more
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase GD03D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 280U/mg-solid or more
Hexokinase HK01D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 150U/mg-solid or more
Malate dehydrogenase MD01D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 40U/mg-solid or more
Uricase UR01D1-E311H EC Diagnostic Reagent 4U/mg-solid or more