SignalChem Diagnostics provides a range of CRISPR-associated proteins and enzymes as raw materials, which can be adapted for various research and diagnostic applications.

These CRISPR components can be employed to develop assays that detect cancer-related mutations, circulating tumor DNA, or other molecular markers specific to cancer.

By incorporating these raw materials into innovative detection methods, researchers and diagnostic companies can create cutting-edge diagnostic tools to improve cancer detection and monitoring.


SignalChem Diagnostics provides a range of enzymes that have various applications in Clinical Chemistry. These enzymes play crucial roles in the measurement of different analytes in biological samples, which can help in diagnosing and monitoring a variety of medical conditions.

For instance, cholesterol oxidase is utilized in the assessment of total cholesterol levels, while glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase is employed in diagnosing genetic disorders. Other enzymes, such as hexokinase, D-lactate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase, and uricase, also have important functions in clinical chemistry, aiding in the analysis of glucose, D-lactate, malate, and uric acid levels, respectively.

Overall, these raw materials are essential for the accurate and efficient functioning of diagnostic tests in clinical laboratories.


SignalChem Diagnostics offers products like COVID-19 proteins, antibodies, and nanobodies that are vital for designing diagnostic assays, including serological tests. These tests detect antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in a patient's blood, indicating past or ongoing infection. Accurate tests are crucial for dianosis, monitoring virus spread, and assessing population immunity.

Cell lines and COVID-19 inhibitors aid in researching the virus's biology and interaction with human cells. This knowledge informs the development of diagnostic tools, such as identifying novel viral antigens or host biomarkers for targeted diagnostic tests.

These products provide essential raw materials and tools for researchers and diagnostic companies to develop and enhance COVID-19 diagnostic tests, ultimately improving detection, monitoring, and public health strategies.


SignalChem Diagnostics provides a range of molecular biology products, including enzymes and proteins, that are essential in DNA and RNA manipulation, amplification, and synthesis.

These products find applications in molecular diagnostics and research, such as PCR and qPCR for amplifying and detecting specific DNA sequences, reverse transcription for converting RNA into complementary DNA, and DNA repair and recombination studies.

By offering these products, SignalChem Diagnostics supports the development of diagnostic tools, research methodologies, and molecular biology techniques.


SignalChem Diagnostics provides allergens as products, which can be utilized in allergy research, diagnostics, and treatment.

These allergens play an essential role in understanding the immune response to specific allergens, improving diagnostic tests for allergy identification, and developing immunotherapies for treating allergies.

By offering these allergnes, SignalChem Diagnostics contributes to the advancement of allergy-related knowledge, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment efficacy.


SignalChem Diagnostics produces various raw materials that have a wide range of applications in diagnostics, research, and biotechnology.

These raw materials include enzymes, proteins, allergens, and CRISPR components, among others. These raw materials are essential for the development of diagnostic tests, research methodologies, and the advancement of molecular biology techniques.

By offering these products, SignalChem Diagnostics supports innovation and progress in the fields of diagnostics, research, and biotechnology.