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CAS System Nucleic Acid Detection Test Strip

This strip is designed for use in the CAS system to qualitatively detect whether the nucleic acid probe, labeled with biotin and fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC or FAM), has been cleaved by the CAS enzyme.


20 strips/tube

$ 100


This product is a lateral flow chromatographic test strip with two bands: a lower control line and an upper test line. Streptavidin (SA) is coated at the control line, and goat anti-mouse antibody is coated at the test line. Complete CAS system probes (labeled with both Biotin and FITC) can link all the colloidal gold to the control line. When a probe is cut by the CAS enzyme, the colloidal gold bound with the cut fragment will not be captured at the control line, resulting in the formation of the test line. The presence or absence of the test line indicates the activation of the CAS enzyme.

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