SignalChem Diagnostics offers an extensive selection of purified allergens, specifically designed to support a wide range of immunodiagnostic assays. Our high-quality allergen products cover various allergen sources, including molds, pollens, mites, and animal allergens. Optimized for use in immunoassay techniques such as ELISA, lateral flow tests, and immunoblotting, these allergens ensure accurate and reliable detection of allergen-specific antibodies.

Name Catalog # Source Organism Expression Host Organism Tag Type Genbank Accession #
Alt a 1 AL01-A931H Alternaria alternata E.coli N/A AY117038.1
Art v 1 AV01-A921H Artemisia vulgaris Tobacco His AF493943.1
Art v 3 AV03-A921H Artemisia vulgaris Tobacco His EU564845.1
Art v 3.02 AV02-A921H Artemisia vulgaris E. coli His EU564845.1
Asp f 3 AF03-A931H Aspergillus fumigatus N/A N/A U58050.1
Asp f 5 AF05-A931H Aspergillus fumigatus E.coli His Z30424.1
Asp f 6 AF06-A931H Aspergillus fumigatus E.coli His U53561.1
Asp f 9 AF09-A931H Aspergillus fumigatus E. Coli His AJ223327.1
Can f 1 CF01-A951H Canis familiaris E.coli His AF027177.1
Can f 2 CF02-A951H Canis familiaris E.coli His AF027178.1
Can f 3 CF03-A951H Canis familiaris E.coli His AB090854.1
Can f 5 CF05-A951H Canis familiaris E.coli His Y00751
Cra c 8 CC08-A951H Crangon crangon E.coli His FJ462738.1
Der f 1 DF01-A941H Dermatophagoides farinae E.coli His AB034946.1
Der f 2 DF02-A941H Dermatophagoides farinae E.coli His D10447.1
Der p 2 DP02-A941H Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus E.coli His AF276239.1
Der p 21 DP21-A941H Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus E.coli His DQ354124.1
Der p 21/23 DP22-A941H Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus E.coli His Der p 21: DQ354124.1
Der p 23: EU414751.1
Der p 23 DP23-A941H Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus E.coli His EU414751.1
Der p 7 DP07-A941H Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus E. coli His U37044.1
Fel d 1 FD01-A951H Felis catus E.coli His chain 1: NM_001048153.1
chain 2: NM_00104.1
Fel d 4 FD04-A951H Felis catus E. coli His NM_001009233.1
Lit v 2 LV02-A951H Litopenaeus vannamei E.coli His DQ975203.1
Lit v 3 LV03-A951H Litopenaeus vannamei E.coli His EU449515.1
Lit v 4 LV04-A951H Litopenaeus vannamei E.coli His FJ184279.1
Man i 3 MN03-A921H Mangifera indica Tobacco His DQ270547.1
Pen ch 18 PC18-A961H Penicillium chrysogenum E.coli His AF264027.1