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Diagnostic Reagents for Accurate and Reproducible Results

To create the future where rapid, precise, and accessible diagnostics are the standard

Recombinant Cas Enzymes and CRISPR Kits

To supply diagnostic tools for detection of pathogens, genetic mutations, or other biomarkers.

Allergy and Immunology Reagents

To provide recombinant allergens and immunodiagnostic kits for research and diagnostic purposes

What We Do

SignalChem Diagnostics is a subsidiary of SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation specializing in protein engineering for molecular, immunological, and clinical chemistry tests. Focused on quality and powered by innovation, we are a team of researchers dedicated to advancing diagnostic accuracy by delivering top-notch reagents for our clients’ specific needs.

Our product portfolio encompasses a broad range of CRISPR-associated proteins, clinical chemistry enzymes, molecular diagnostic enzymes, allergens, buffers, and kits for effective pathogen detection, identification of genetic conditions, evaluation of cancer risks, and other analyses. To ensure proper protein processing, we use diverse expression systems comprising bacteria, yeast, insect, plant, and mammalian cells, while our unique purification method preserves the integrity of post-translational modifications and proteins’ biological functions. Developed with in-depth research and thorough testing, SignalChem Diagnostics reagents meet industry’s highest standards.

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The Value of IVD Raw Materials

Quality of reagents dictates the outcome of diagnostic procedures, their accuracy, and the success of the entailing treatment plans. At SignalChem Diagnostics, we prioritize veracity of our tests, incorporate stringent quality control in every stage of product life cycle, and provide personalized customer support. We ensure that every product put out for sale is manufactured according to the highest industry standards, has passed rigorous laboratory assessment and has been tested for activity and reproducibility of the results. This approach also lets us attain high purity and lot-to-lot consistency for our products, making them competitive on the market. Through innovative research, we continually improve our recombinant proteins, kits, and tests as well as develop new reagents. With a diverse selection of diagnostics products, we strive to support your research and thus drive progress and innovation.

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Jul. 23-27

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Jul. 23-27

Join the American Medical Device Summit 2023

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Nov. 13-16

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