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T4 UvsX DNA Recombinase

Recombinant tag-free full-length T4 UvsX DNA Recombinase from Escherichia virus T4 was expressed in E. coli.


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Homologous recombination is important for error-free repair of DNA double-strand breaks and to restart stalled replication fork. Recombinases of the RecA/RAD51 family perform the central catalytic role in DNA repair and replication. UvsX recombinase is the RecA/Rad51 ortholog of bacteriophage T4. UvsX DNA Recombinase and other recombinases bind to regions of ssDNA to form a presynaptic filament which activates recombination activity to search for homology in dsDNA and to perform DNA strand exchange (1,2)

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Recombinant protein stored in 50mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.5, 300mM NaCl, 20% glycerol, 1 mM DTT


1. Fujisawa, H. et al: Sequence of the T4 recombination gene, uvsX, and its comparison with that of the recA gene of Escherichia coli. Nucleic acids research, 1985; 13(20): 7473–7481. 2. Maher, R.L. et al: Coordinated binding of single-stranded and double-stranded DNA by UvsX Recombinase. PLoS One. 2013;8(6):e66654.

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